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resourcefulness and no matter what had been thrown at us, we would emerge stronger because of it. otng i've seen in the nine years since suggests to me that i was wrong. >> jon: that is a >> good morning evnderyone, it's sunday, september 12th, we start with a fox news alert. iran ha vin another chae of heart. their state tv reporting they're now willing to free american hiker sarah shourd ice. we have a live report on all of this in moments. >> and do democrats think their leadership is a liability? the latest strategy ahead of the november elections making it a choice between them or the g.o.p. and ignoring t white house. >> and hurricane igorr igor, depending where you live now the fourth of the season and getting stronger this morning, we're tracking igor, storm, igor in our extme weather
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center. rick will have that news for you. our slogan from rust in florida. are you looking for morng news, spanning east to west. you've got to catch, aaly, clayton, dave, they're the i best. >> it's "fox & friends." >> don't stir the pot. >> the coetition, russ versus chas for the slogan. they're both welcome and great sloganers. >> that's dave briggs, alisyn camerota, i'm clayton morris. breaking news overnight. >> we have fox news alert. iran is once again ready to r,ra se that american hike sarah shourd after she posts bail. a lot of questions remain and julie kirtz with the latest, the details. t >> we're trying to sort through them, rather. bottom line they say let her
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go, but it will cost half a llion dollars. the iranian attorney says after meeting with her today, he's hopeful she will move the prison in theext two or three days. there's word exactly when she'll be right out and we're getting mixed messages from prosecutors in iran who confirmed today as well that authorities will release her on bail because of health problems. told the associated press that smbassy is making arrangements for the $50000 bi payment and represents u.s. interests in iran. she says, here attorney says that he met with the other two american hikers and they're both okay. of course, you remember the three were arrested more than a year ago in july of last year and accused of spying. y they said they hiked into iran by mistake and prosecutors say the case against all three i a nearly complete and charges have not been dropped although the senior prosecutor says the
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three americans have not-- we d't know when she'll be released. her attorney sis the next couple of days. >> julie, they call this bay. it sounds more like a ransom, doesn't it? again you said the charges will not be droppedth. so how is this bail and not strictly a ransom? >> that's a very good question. certainly sounds like that. bail of course means that o you'll return to faceis trial. it is very unlikely that she would return once she's-- gets out of there t and comes back to the u.s. and that's been the indicates in the ast, when people, journalists, a journist from news week last year, in '09, october, i believe, released on $300,000 bail. hen' didn't go back to face trial. >> julie kirtz live from washington. and there is question whether or not the judiciary, it's like an internal struggle right now. you have p dent aadnejad almost fighting with the judiciary inside. >> who is in control.
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>> yeah, who is in control making the deals right now. >> composing the risk there in that country. we'll keep you posted. otherheadlines, the hikers in iran are not the only ones held in a feign country this morning. five americans are underarrest in zimbabwe. two doctors, two nurses and organirs are charged with dispensing aids medicine without ans license. a zimbabwe doctor is also xpecd to a peer before a magistrate o monday. belong to the allen temple baptist church and they've been helping zimbabwe for ten years. >> new video of the massive gas explosion, shot b a home owner near the scene of the blast and there combing through the rubble looking for five people missing and at least four people confirmed dead and another 50 people are hurt. after what caused this, crews are focusing on a rewelded
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pipe as well as the project. with high unemployment the number of people in the u.s. living in perty is on track for the first year of the obama administration, new figures come out this week, and shows at that poverty increased 13.2 percent. and 45 million americans or one out much everyone 7 people are considered poor. if that jump happens it would be the highest single year increase since povertyigures were indicated in 1959. today is septeer 12th. that means for the 9-12 rally and people descend and protest big government. a prayer serce followed by aow march down pennsylvania avenue to the capitol at noon and former house leader dick armey will be one of the speakers and will join us.
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let's go to rick reichmuth, i think pleasant weather. >> we have some fall going on and serious summer going on across the south. temps are warm, it's humid and feels more like fall where you see the blue shaded areas and as far as the rain, calm across the central part of the country and there's a front stretching across the east and bringing very, really, much needed rain across the mid atlantic and the northeast, kind of a fall day. anywhere from the carolinas, north word. we're talking the about the tropics. a disturbance in the eastern caribbean and hurricane huntser are flying through and anoer storm could be julia. we're watching igor, a katrina one storm, but it's going to strengthen as we move the next couple of days and within a couple of days being a category four storm. you'll hear about it, all indication at this point is it's not going to affect any land mass at all. maybe bermuda, but likely curving to the east of
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bermuda. if there were to be any changes to that pattern, at this point it looks pretty good. a new one coming off the coast oafrica. and probably be following igor steps and making that easterly or right-hand turn. no big concerns from it, but by tomorrow we might have three more storms across the atlantic. >> okay you'll have a busy morning. >> exactly. >> thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> let's turn to politics, democrats are only two months out and if you listen to the president on friday, the president seems to think if they frame the election debate around two parties, democrats versus republicans this is what we stand for, what they ntand for, going bac to eight years. can they do it? polls show, no it's not working. the president is confident they can frame this debate. >> they're not running on health care, we know that. not the economic achievement, we know that, they're searching for the one unifying message and appears one faced
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the opposition of the tan face of john boehner, the house minorities leader if november goes a certain way and in new york tooms about his ties to lobbyists and an ad tt starts airing this week attacking the potential speaker. here it is. >> john ehner opposes funding for government jobs, jobs for teachers, for cops for firefighters. boehner has a different plan. tax cuts for tness, those that ship jobs and profits overseas, saving multi-nam corporations 10 billion. so to china, india, mexico. you're welcome. democratic national committee is responsible for the w content. >> what they're hoping to e exploit is the vote in august. there was a 26 billion dollar vote and voted to help the
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teacher salaries and john boehner opposed it and so did some republicans, more stimulus, deficit spending, so they didn't think it was paid for. now the dnc is trying to exploit that he's against teachs, against irefighters, not the most intellectual argument they could make. >> polls, mid summer, americans asked can they name leaders in thecongress. they didn't know who john boehner is. >> they don't know who the vice-president is, by the way. so if you'reutting out this, for' identifying the face of thear party with something nobody knows, it seemed r desperate, like a real reach when somebody wants to hear about your achievement. what the white house has accomplished and turned around. it seems it could be elevating john boehner ultimately. i'll be surprised to see if it tuck seeds and some of thean
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accusations can hold up either. at this point a long shot. >> this brings up what president oba plans to do. this, i think, is part and parcel of it. it's not talking about democrats and what h. s been able to do. some of that made voters uncomfortable with the spending. so it's to sort of say let's look backward where we were and look forward to how bad it will be if we're not around. s' basically saying don't take a snapshot on election day of what we are now. he's hoping that people will say, we have better ideas. democrats have better ideas than republicans do. so they need to frame it with showing somebody else. >> yeah. >> the face of what they say wouldappen, the sddisasterousdd events. >> here is the president eaking friday at that press conference. take a lien. >> since i'm the preds and democrats haveontrolled the house and the senate, it's understandablehat people are saying, you know, what have
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you done. but between now and november what i'm going to remind the american people of is that the policies that we have put in place have moved us in the right direction and the ub policies that the republicans are offering right now are the exact policies that got us into this mess. >> now the president there aaro-- we are going to talk to karl rove later in the show on this, the president was alluding if we lose in november it's really a referendum on the policies we put in place, but dave, to your point about the health caredebate, and obviously, not a popular move, the president though having to come out and defend that, theres' also this provision now in the health care bill, a lot are f repealing theof functn of the tax provision in the health care bill. it forces all of the small businesses, to basically fil all kinds of paper work and veu're going to have to fille all of the paper work e hry
7:12 am
time that you hire someone and you have to fill out all of this paper work and it puts an undo burden on a lot of folks. >> you have to report essentially everything in the irs and this calls into question the irs role in this health care overall. what you're going to have to do is report anything when you purchase $600 or more for goods and we see a list right there of examples, like office equipment, travel, the list goes on and on, things for the office and small businesses are not only going to be burdened with paer work, but reporting they say to add revenue to the irs, but to your report, democrats trying to get it repealed. bill nelson has a completely different plan to help out hi small businesses. if this gets repealed this can send the whole health care bill crumbling down because d other things will be attacked as to whether they're constitutional or not. >> the white house a fighting
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against the appeal even though do't like it. coming up we want to talk about how the imam behind the ground zero mosque says it cannot be moved or they' be extremism or violence. is this a threat? weighing in on that next. >> be careful what you put on facebook. debt collectors using facebook to lk for people who owe money. get a new car? don't put a picture. >> don't do it. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocole. it has 35% of youril dafiy value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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i can. and you can too. and you can join for free. ♪ i can. i can. i can. ♪ [ female announcer ] and, if u join by september 25th you can get get a month free. weight watchers. because it wor. >> row uptests, both in support of and against the proposed mosque near ground zero happening this weekend. nene years of course after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. opponents want it mod, but the imam says moving it may be a threat to national security. >> if we do move, it will strengthen the article of radicals to cruit, and their increasing aggression on us, against our country. now, it al security
7:17 am
hinges on how we negotiate this. if we don't do this geright, anger will explode in the muslim world. >> here to discuss this is new york republican congressional candidate, dr. james ma lanno, his opponent, akerson declined our invitation. good morning, nice to see you rn again. >> good morning. >> it sounds like imam rauf says, the mosque c annot be d without igniting radicals. what do you do. it sounds like the's no room for compromise. >> it certainly sounds coercive, on the american people. americans have never been fearful of threats. nev been fearful of terrorists, will not negotiate with terrorists will never start to negotiate with terrorists and in addition, the americans have never been afraid of doing the right thing and the right thing here would be to help the imam find an alternate location to save the reputation and the feelings of not only americans, which muslims are
7:18 am
part of america, but also, peace loving muslims in this country. >> it sounds like what he's saying, if it does not go in that exact spot, if radicals believe that somehow he has caved to some sort of anti-islamic sentiment that they will go berserk. so, what dyou seaay to americans who really are not comfortable with it in that spot? >> well, you tell the av americans this, you have to stick with what you feel. if you feel it's not an appropriate location, being so close to ground zero, that you have to stick with that. you can't be threatened or p swayed by people giving coercive statements. i mean, the cnn interview i thought was poorly framed, behind the calm face i saw a lot of anger behind the imam eyes. if you know what is correct, you stay with it. >> do you believe him it will ignite radicals if it's moved.ur >> i think short-term, four or
7:19 am
five days, that's all. >> this weekend there were 20 people who came out in support of the mosque and many people to oppose it. s you sense, 2000 is a lar number. do you sense somehow in new york, public attitude is shifting towards the mosque and that people are more supportive. >> no, i think that the backbone of the american people is toolactually strengtned. now there's steel in the backbone. >> what's the next more. >> if this gets carried out a long period of time i don't think the mosque will be placed near ground zero. there's no need for it. muslims around this country know it's not an issue of-- issue of sensitivity. it certainly doesn't play in the fact that islam is a peaceful religion and people know that. the longer this goes on t more people realize this does not belong in that location, especially with an imam who is radical, is tied to questionable funding. in 2005 he said that the american people have more blood on their hands than all
7:20 am
of islamic jihadists, in addition he ill not condemn hamas as a terrorist organization and he will not, he will not admit-- promise that none of the funds will come from iran. you know, americans-- >> i think in that interview he said theyouldn't take any from anyone with any sort of deadly intentions or hostile intentions towards america. he didn't specify, but tried to clarify. t make you you feel better >> no. >> thank you for coming on. president obama wants to tax the richment could that make the economy worse? hear from someone who thinks that could hurt those desperaty looking for jobs. wele insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficules. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do?
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>> 23 minutes after the hour. 9 million dollarsanhe pay package for daniel akerson, theeo new ceo of general motors. he'll receive it in money and stck. 15 million dollars how much the ring containing a rare 10.9 carat blue diamond could fetch at christy's auction next month if dave and clay don't buy it for me first. and aren't evil, had at the box office. finally nine feet tall, alisyn looks this in a within foot box. >> says o. >> i'm not on a box. >> so much taller, thanks, aly. >> do you remember when hillary clinton said this. >> the rich are not paying their fair share in any nation. >> president obama now refung to extend tax cuts for wealthy americans.
7:25 am
>> he says the country can>>'t afford it. >> this isn't to punish folks who are betr off. god bless them. it's because we can't afford the 700 billion dollar price tags. >> but could taxing the rich actually make our economy worse? joining us now is a managing partner at chapwood investments, ed, nice to see you this morning. good to see you, thanks for hang me on. >> the worst single thing to do is tax the wealthy, the folks who do the hiring, you say, is the worst thing we could do for this economy. >> yeahbs, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoevther. my think of the economy as a big engine and the engine needs fuel. well, that fuel is peopl out buying and spending and creating jobs. the wealthy happen to be the biggest player in that equation, why would you go out and injure, literally tak the l feet or the legs out from under teeth your most important player, it makes
7:26 am
absolutely no sense whatsoever and is obviously politically motivated waxhy he wants to raise taxes on t wealthy. >> it's shocking to see the numbers. the top earners pay 50% of the income taxes, but estimates say that extending the wealthiest americans tax breaks will cost the treasury 700 billion dollars. how do you make up for that if in fact the bush tax cuts are extended? >> with he will, one thing about it, you have it remember that we're talking about them being extended, they're actually in law. these have been written in law and more than an t administrative procedure as to why they were set up where they had to be renewed and these are the law. and if you increase those, that's literally wha you're doing so when you do not go ahead and keep them from increasing, you're basically for the st part you're increasing taxes on the wealthy and it's not something where it has to be paid for, it's already in the law. >> right, but theary hee sunsetting at the end of this year, so, whoever was in charge of the country, republicans or democrats they'd have to renew this and
7:27 am
go through the process again. >> that's ght. >> the cbo numbers ht mething interesting, which is that look, raising taxes or cutting taxes, excuse me, can taxes fordn individuals wouldn't do anything toy inject any sort of stimulus into the economy. lowest on the list and one of the major things to do to stimulate the economy, letting these sunset would in fact cut the deficit to dave's point significantly. >> well, there is, you know, there's no question about it. we need to cut spending and we also need to reduce taxes and presidenreagan took over a worse economy, cut taxes cut spending and flourished. that's what we need to do, we're doi almost the completete opposite. counter intuitive, i want to lose weight so i went to the midnight buffet and stuff my face. >> that sound good at this hour. >> as we approach november,
7:28 am
ed, we appreciate it. >> thanks, ed. >> thank you. >> coming up here on the show, secretary of state hillary clinton heads to the middle east this week in the next round of peace talks. will the pestinian and israeli leaders live up to their promises to meet on a regular basis. >> is this the future of flying? say it anti-so, theew newed idea to back in more at the cost of comfort. >> remember when kanye west hijacked taylor swift's speech at the music video awards. >> just saying i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish, but beyonc had one of the best videos of all time, one of the best videos of all time. >> the country star might get her revenge tonight. we'll expla straight ahead. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams.
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then let's get it installed, and save money theon th's get it installed, we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in yo whole house for just 37 bucks. >> all right. s hetrdz,-- nerds listen up, check out the pac man video acted out by humans by the french swiss artist. >> which one are you? >> that's me in the yellow. >> 111 people helped to put the stop motion goad in, tack more than four hours to make. takef photo and move out of the way. isn' that awesome. >> can you imagine
7:33 am
so making something likethis. >> who has this time on their hand like the college football season. thank you, clayton, i feel better about my life now. you comaccomplished that. >> i want the 40 seconds back in my life. tell us about the incredible prnlg. >> this is i believe in >> how davean wrap his head around it. >> apple rolling out the ipod in time for fall and the christmas holiday. a brand new lineup of apple i-bod products. this is the ipod shuffle. take a look at th , $49,$4 for the brand new ipod shuffle. >> it's this tiny. >> do you like almost the tiffney box it comes li? >> it's little, but not blue. this is nice. >> thises a perfect workou at. they added the click on and they have a button and voice control. it reads you what song you're--
7:34 am
it talks to you, you're listening to arcade, fire. >> that's good, but the nano is far better, my friend. >> this is the crazyiest thing they've done with the ipod lineup. they took the touch screen and put it into one of the ipod designs. this is a touch screen ipod nano a flip through with the ame screen as the iphone or ipod touch andhe ability if you put it on your body and can't read it upside down, flip the interface and alip on the back andut it on your person andrun. >> so little. >> it has pictures if you want to carry an ipod and he pictures of the kids or grandkids while you're jogging, boom, you have it there. >> and they can see the picture. >> that's perfect though. >> look at the nice image, this is amazing, when you're jogging and have the ability unlike the shuffle to pick st your songs and play list, that's incredible. is something the touch don't ve, it has a radio and
7:35 am
pedometer, it's a fitness device, strap it on and know exactly how much you're working out and calories you're burning. >> incredible. >> the final big boy and people are excited if they don't want the at&t contract, the new ipod touch is basically an iphone 4 without a contract and has the display and face time video calling so you can make video calls for me over wi-fi. imagine your ks, they don't have to have at&t contract, or a video scape. >> you can do video callig.n >> over wi-fi. >> $229 for the base model one of the popular gaming devices out now available $230. >> that's the cheaper. >> if you look at the specks with hd recording foxnewsom.c the two minute piece decribing the specks.
7:36 am
>> it's a virtual bab sitter, parents, trust me. >> and here are your headlines, let's tell you what's happening. secretary of state, hillary clinton heads to the middle east and clinton says the talks may be the last chance for peace between israelis and estinian. she'll be meesrting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president abbas, over odds at new housing construction in the west bank. psiredent obama has put a moratorium on the u.s. gulf oil drilling. that's not stopping the feds from helping a mexican company drill there. a bank sayst will continue to guarantee 1 billion dollars in loans previously promised to penn x the mexican state oil company and they say none of it involves deep waterll drilling. a bizarre scene on a u.s. airways flight from las vegas to phoenix.
7:37 am
first, the flight had to turn around because of mechanical problem and once it landedas safely in las vegas, a passenger made what's called an inappropriate comment. the fbi is now investigating. so far no one has been arrested and no word what the comment was although sources say it was not terror related. >> well, taylor swift may be getting the last laugh. t remember this moment from the mtv music video awards? >> just saying, i'm really happy for you, i'm going to let you finish, but beyonce have one of the best videos of all time. one of the bestideos of all time. classic. >> that's when the crazy train made a pit stop and kanye west interrupted swift as she made the acceptance speech for best video of theyear. tonight vma awards and a song
7:38 am
about kanye, and could be a repeat, beyonce and swift are in the same category. >> what do you say, thanks-- thanks i had one ofhe greatest years in music history, i'm all set, she may have helped him out. >> and top ranked alabama headed into last night's matchup with penn sta without heisman winning running back ingram and no worries wn you are this good. tuscaloosa, greg m rcel roy picked it up. 229 yards, two touchdowns, roll tide, roll. 24-3,ain, without two of e best players. richardson wasgreat. next to south bend, notre dame and michigan, what a finish. watch this, irish dow21-17 late in the 4th and chris injured, returns to the second half out of his end ne.
7:39 am
>> he's fast. >> andrudolph, who is fast. 95 yard touchdown, but in the oeend this goes to michigan because denard shoe lace robinson the best player in the country and that touchdown 502 yards total offense for the quarterback almost at 900 yards right now. 28-24 for michigan, they are 2-0. to tennis the u.s. open roger federer out at the open. this, after novac jockvich rallies to win in five sets, 5-7, 6-1, oh, no joke. and federer had two match points and couldn't put it away. djokovic will play nadel arguably playing the best tennis of his career and on the women's said clijsters cruserhes the russian player, 6-2, 6-1, over after about 15 minutes. that's back-to-back titles at the open. let's get it to rick reichmuth who i know is watching
7:40 am
eagerly, a big tennis fan. impressive. >>he was impressive the urnament and to beat venus williams before that. i can tell you liked it clayton. >> i did. >> and glad you're on board. we're kind of in the split season, some people are expericing fall and some have summer-like conditions and summer in the fall, hot and humid and records broken across areas of the south and a few more records again today. move forward, take a look at satellite radar picture. central part of t he country looking nice. the northern plains, a few thunderstorms in oklahoma and texas, see more thunderstorms today as the day heats up and across the east that's where the majority of the weather is where we're seeing some showers exit the eastern seaboard and move in across parts of the northeast and make for a bit of a cloudy and showery day, not major rain, but enough to be a little bit after nuisance. take a look, the high temperatures for the day shaping up like this. see the reds down south and
7:41 am
it's hot. northeast, parts of new england feeling like fall and hearing reports of a few leaves changing into northern vermont as well and starting to feel more of that. the tropi season we're about at the peak. we have three different systems we're watching there, and the biggest is igor, hurricane igor now, and that's what you see spinning a i the screen and move forward and take a look at the path of the storm as you move forward the next five days, it will continue to pull off to the west and eventuallyake the right-handturn. another major hurricane it looks like brewing out there in the atlantic. all right, guys, back to you guys. >> the problem with igor, you see the hump on its back. thanks, rick. coming upn the show the second ever 9:12 rally. we'll talk with dick armey about the protests against high taxes and big government. that's next. >> theken you can't smoke in moinst public buildings and even many bars of course. what about your own balcony? the city that's stopping
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>> it's 45 minutes past the hour, time for a couple of quick headlines. fire crews in colorado say they've been able to stop the ar boulder, but authories warn much of the area remains dangerous because of downed power lines and damaged roads. the mos effective sandwich, the price tag, $172. the sandwich consists of a quail's g, white truffle
7:46 am
cheese and edible gold dust, it sounds like a eg mcmuffin. >> that sounds disgusting. >> let's go over to dave. >> sounds nasty. well, they're tired of taxes and too much government. they're vowing to remember in november. today marks the second year naad freedom works is spearheading the 9-12 taxpayer match on washington. joining us are the president and chairman of fedom works, former house leader dick armey and co-authors of the book "give us liberty, a tea party manifesto". >> good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, dave. >> congressman, let's start with you,erou vowed to remember in november. what do you want the voters to remember specifically? >> well, i think i want them to remember how careless and irresponsible so many incumbent members of congress are. they've given us a government that's so big that it is in
7:47 am
fact crunching the american economy and the facttt of the matter is, only one power 0en this earth, big enough to destroy this country and that t is the united states federal government. it's time to trim it down, make it efficient and ctive and to ask them to get it out of business that it's not ppttosed to be into. >> matt, there been so much marches and protests across the country in recent months. to focus the attention on one particular message today. what is that? what's the message you want to get outgt there to washington? >> the message for today is to gorom prost to the very specific task of political accountability and the speakers today are going to focus on the various planks from america and talk about the issues that animate the--
7:48 am
>> and fiscal responsibility deficit reduction, congressman army, do you have to choose one or the other? is it possible to accomplish lower taxes and still reduce our deficit? >> well, yes, if you do the rst necessary task first. as mel freedman says the real right of taxes is the level of spending. of the biggest problem that this country faces it spends too much money, it's going to lead either the value of currency or taxes unsustainable leaveed against our children. cut taxes, grows the economy and trimming government makes room for that growth to take place. >> the democrats, matt, are framing the upcoming elections about democrats versus republicans, where does the tea party fall on this. we've seen interesting results out there in ealaska, and
7:49 am
interesting in delaware, joe biden's seat is up for abs. yo do you want to distance yourself from them. >> this isn't about republicans versus democrats, it's about the american people versus the politicalis establishment that's spending too much money it doesn't have and what you've seen in the primars big spending, and republicans being replaced with real fiscal conservatives and that process is about wrapped up and now comes accountability for the big spending democrats on november 2nd. >> matt and dick armey, thank you for being here, on the 12th, urging voters in november. we've heard of the problems on facebook and now debt collectors using the website to find home who owee money, are rights being violated? details next and also dirty politics literally why one politician is sending people a
7:50 am
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>> are you this in debt? if so, listen up. you may want to t think twice of using social media sites, facebook a twitter, tracking down people who owe them main. >> is that legal? kelly, an attorney from chicago, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too, is clayton and alisyn, hi.f >> it makes a lot of sense, if you're a debt collector and want to see the life style of individua hls, whether or not they have the money squirrelled away somewhere, why not go on facebook. >> i t's totally legal. once you put your informati on out on facebook you have no reasonable expecttion of privacy.
7:54 am
>> explain how it works. a debt collector is looking for someboon, wondering somebody's financial status is. how do they find out on facebook? >> first tng thefriend you. they make a profile as long as they're not impersonating somebody else it's legal. they put out a friend request and usually get accepted except some people have privacy settings s up so that everything is public and you don't have to friend them to find out theirpictures, where they wo, some people put their phone numbers, home addresses, things that debt collector may not be able to find, but for the individual putting it on their profile and putting it out there. >> makes a lot of sense. here are some statistics to y throw at you this morning. americans on average over 4, 951 on credit card debt per ameri85can. >> wow. >> 850 bstillion dollars in student loans and 7 t 11% of credit card holders don't pay off eir debts. kelly, i guess if you've got photos, you were out on a little bit of a trip, you went on a little bit of a vacation, ent to the mall and put on a
7:55 am
stat it is update and say hey, i just bought w shoes, guys, what do you think of these? don't do that? >> well, don't do it. use common sense, butt the thing about it is, let's be honest, you should pay your debts so don't use that as a mechanism for avoiding paying creditors, but the real deal is, if be is gs a judgment against you they do a citation against you and means they're entitled to go after everything. if you walk in with a nice watch. they can walk in to the judge and say i want that watch. they can get it. ifomeone says i'm so broke and can barely make ends meet, and all of audden there are your bahama pictures. >> if you put a picre of your shi new car on facebook and you even a debt collector, a small a the debt collector is entitled to a small portion of that. >> if you own it outright they
7:56 am
could force you to sell it and pay them off. you don't get to keep shine i objects d avoid paying them. if you go on a antrip, a chanle hand bag, i don't care if you sell it pennies on the dollar. they have some rhts in this country. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning fromchicago. >> thank you. >> it's not the first time they've done this, insurance fraud also, people say they've got injuries and shows them out on a boat, water skiing. just change your privacy settings and be aware of what's out there. >> don't start leaving a good, clean life, just change your settings. >> a new report shows that doctors don't always get it right. how to know if you're being misdiagnosed. >> and pictures from the deadly explosion in california. at least five people still missing this morning.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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>> good morning it's sunday september 1st 12th we have a fox news alert. iran changed its mind, they're t willing to free one of hikers held more than a year. this may come at a price. can we trust them? more in a moment. >> uncle sam ss you can't smoken or outside most public buildings and now one city trying to stop you from u lighting up on your own ny balcony, is that fair? we report you decide. >> as if flying wasn't stressful enough. look at these seats. yourself into 23 inches of space to cut down the cost? >> no. >> we've already got our answer. thanks, dave. >> our slogan this hour from chas in maryland. fox has noik competitn, le comparing pairs to figs, the other networks don't have aly, clayton and dave briggs. roll it. >> excellent, chas. >> hey, this s snooki from
8:01 am
jersey shore, you're watching "fox & friends." >> i didn't know we had snooki. >> when you factor in fi. >> i know i was getting mocked by rick off camera and said that was the greatest moment when i said change your facebook privacy setting in order to hide your fraudulent insurance behavior i didn't mean it that way. >> rather than take care of yourdebt, change your privacy settings. >> testimony that's why he's here, but we start with a fox news alert, develrnoping overnight, repts that iran is once again ready to release sarah shourd after she posted half a million dollars in quote, bail. a lot of questions remain and julie kirtz live in washington to try to answer some of these, what's the latest. >> state-run media in iran reports that sarah shourd will
8:02 am
be released on half a million dollars bail and the release has been on and off this weekend. and we've heard from her attorney he met with her today and hopeful she'll be released in the next two or three days. he told t associated press that the swiss embassy in tehran is making the arrangements for her $500,000nd bail and the swiss embassy of course represents u.s. interests in iran and the senior prosecutor in iran held a news conference and says that shourd and the other two jailed american hikers have not consent to spying, but the case has not been dropped. some confusion, some mixed messages, but it appears anyway she will be released. >> if she's released and posts bail, does that mean she's accepting the spying charges, julie? >>r it's really not clear. the case hat not been dropped against her according to the news conference this morning. it is of course, very unlikely if she's released from jail
8:03 am
and comes back home back to the u.s. she will ever gn back to iran to face the charges. >> is this money that her family pays or the u.s. government pays? >> it's my understanding, it is money that will be posted by her family and her friends. or her personal assets or the family's personal assets and no information to indicate that this is u.s. government money. >> all right. julie kirtz, thank you so much for the update thi morning. we'll keep everybody posted if nothing happens while we're on the air. >> other headlines this morning, video of the massive gas explosion inan bruno, california. this was shot near the scene of the blast and it's now confirmed that seven people were killed by the bla and the fire you see ther vets investigators arepl searching for seven people still missing this morning. after what caused this, crews are focusing on a rewelded pipe as well as a sewer replacement project. new vio in the news room. no california governor schwarzenegger visiting shanghai this morning, o hn a
8:04 am
six hadden day trade mission o that will take him to japan and south korea, this is at thehanghai event to mark california's bid to host the 2020 expo in silicon valley. >> four militants killed in pakistan. a suspected u.s. missile strike targeted a war lord and alleged allegedly-- the men killed were his associates and unclear if the war lord is still alive. the search is on for this man, attempted murder suspect paul brian palmer. police say the 32-year-old daek a medical injury and broke free wheel being booked at the baltimo police department. he was arrested for attacki a m nanear baltimore city hall. he was lastri seen driving a kia spectra, silver, call the authorities if you see anything. >> the number of people in the u.s. living on poverty is on track for a record increase in
8:05 am
the first halba the obama administration. it's up to 15% in 2000. some 45 million americans or one out of every s even people are considered poor. if that jump happens this will be the highest single year increase since poveral figures were calculated in 1959. >> let's check with rick with the forecast. >> dave is mesmerized by the forecast. >> this is what we see for the tropical storms and the peak of activity is september 10th. ar we are about to have the 10th named storms ap typically in an average year, you get ten named storms. we're certainly going toee ore. igor and probably julia by the end of the day and that storm off the coast of africa will probably become julia and this right there will get a better
8:06 am
view of it is igor, and it is right there. very significant storm. it's going to be another major storm. the last couple have been the. earl and danielle and this following a similar track. northern leeward islands i think are probably going to be fine for this. right there is bermuda. could have some effec from this, maybe about a week from now, but in general i think we'll continue to see this pull off towards the north and eastern part of the country, should be fine. if there are any changes to that, a lot of time to watch it, but i think at this point 're looking like we'll be fine. y back to you. >>hank you so much. >> well some folks say it might stink to get the political mailings from various candidates running for elections across the country. here in new york one of those mailers literally stin. >> yeah, it smells like rotting brafood. and he is running against rick
8:07 am
azio and it literallyeeks of rotten vegetables. gar onions, a bad perfume and after you smell it for a worse.utes it's >> it festers on your couer d starts with the smell of garlic and turns into rotting vegetables. and his message, which is quite pungent and potent is that the stink of corruption in albany, the state capital, is overpowering and he's going help take out the trash and it's obviously hilarious, it's a great water cooler story, but suddenly his name, the name starts being soconnected, associated with trash along with a horri oble stench ofra rotten brack broccoli. he is thawhat they want? >> i was going to pay devils advocate, forever he will be associated with a stinky campaign mailer, do you think it's a good idea? >> he wants the name
8:08 am
associated with stinky garbage landfill smell where they got that to be associated with governor paterson, former governor spitzer, to be i oernd. i think any name recognition is a good thinang. i don't think you want to go in there thinking stinky trash, but you'll remember the name and stick in your head. >> let us know what you think. e-mail us at do you think that's a good move for him or social with s name and not vote for him altogether. >> let's talk about smoking and let's talk about santa mica. this is a city that's now on the refront of basically outlawing and banning smoking and they haven't come out and said it's bannedsa evea mowheren santa monica. however, the latest step they've taken is now you'reed not allowed to smoke within 25 feet of any doorway, or window. so, your own balcony is now off limits for smoking, your own property, your own front yard and you know how people step out.
8:09 am
you see how they step outside of work places and you can't do that any longer. >> and vents, you have to be aware of 25 feet of any vent so when you're smoking you ha to know if there's a vent behind a tree on that means you can't smoke in all of santa monica although they won't say it. >> and they intended this to outlaw smoking on your own balcony or patio. the only person that voted agai nst it said it wasn't strict wenough. i think we can agree that smoking in a confined workplace environment is probably wrong, but not to have a place to go. to leave the work place and not offend your fellohaw co-workers, what do you do, it's under attack. >> this is your private space and apartment, you're not doing it in the house, we're doing it outside, but i will say this, let me play devils advocate once again here, which is that california has because of strict anti-smoking laws in all the cities ty've
8:10 am
managedened i don't the other 50 states, they've managed to drop the amount of smoking t rates better than any in the country. is that because of the stricter rules. >> could be. >> certheainly. certainly the fact that there are such strict rules, smoking has gone down. f this existed in new york new you'd have to go t jersey to smoke you're never within-- >> never. >> away from any door or window here in new york. >> and forget about being 25 feet out of something. now in a plane, 23 inches maybe all you have to cram se into an airplane because again, airlines are trying to get every last i can inle and dime out of those planes. the new seats that could be coming to an airplane near you, look awful. do they not? you're sitting on an incline and pack more space and-- >> what about the person in the second row, you're not
8:11 am
knowing an illustration in of anyone in the second role. >> she's probably as tall as you probably five feet tall. >> five three. >> imagine dave in there over six feet. our knees would lock up. we'd probably pass out. could you imagine this, but these are call sky ridaeats rlthough they're not in any airline yet. a number expressed interest in getting these seats,i including, not sprisingly ryan air. we know what ryan air has done in the past. they've wanted the standing up seats, and costs to goo the bathroom. >> and the, expo. >> we know they talk about it and never happens. this is for real and airlines may buy it. obviously, a puddle jumper, going for 25 minutes, maybe get away with it. there are delays you never know if you're going to be on-- >> five hours stuck 0 and runway for flights between one and three hours, nothing over that would be used, but, and
8:12 am
it might be a separate class, it might be business, standard uess in cattle, i g the back. but there have been things proposed, you mentioned ryan air and they wanted standing room only not only incline seats they want-- >> a safety hazard. >> and the cattle would not getsn thesnacks. >> a trough. >> let us know, would you shell a few bucks to fly standing up if it wolud save you money on a flight. >> not a chance. >> alisyn read the tease. >> i'm going to read it as slowly as possible. oes legalizingarijuana pose maybe less threat to our country as-- >> read faster. >> how is it going? is it burning? >> it is burning. >> all right. former drug enforcement officials say absolutely, and whathey want to do about
8:13 am
that next. >> and when football hall-of-famer jim kelly lost hir soys throu gh a fatal disease, his marriage ut suffered, but they have a story of their remarkable journey coming up. you guys can sit down. ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do,o, do, do
8:14 am
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8:16 am
legalizing marijuana continues to heat u as we get closer to california's proposition 19 deadline of nember 2nd. but, is legalizing marijuana the answer? >> well, nine former drug enforcement officials say a big pot legal poses threat to federal authority as illegal i wigrationdoes. >> we're joined by former d.e.a. administrator robert bonner and served under president george h.w. bush and president clinton. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> it poses as much of a t threat to authority as thea
8:17 am
arizona immigration law, trumping authority, some would say. why? >> first of all, all nine former administrators of the drug enforcement administration, that includes me, have signed off on a letter that's going to-- has gone to attorney general holder in washington, but my incipal concern as a lifornian is that the voters of the california are being misled and this proposition may pass because they're misled into believing that this proposition is going to, if enacted would raise tax revenues from californiola and somehow solve our fiscal crisis and nothing could be further from the truth and the reason is because this law, i it were-- ll prop 19 passes it will be in conflict with federal law, which makes it a federal felony to sell marijuana. so nobody is going to be paying taxes on the sale of marijuana in california. they're not going to be filing some return admitting that they're committing a federal crime. and so the law itself, by the way, ift passes will be, it
8:18 am
w il be void because it will be in conflict with a f ederal law and under our constitution, under the supremacy clause of the u.s. constitution, let me put my former federal judge hat on , for a moment, it will be a nullity, it wilbe void. now, the question is, will the justice department, will the attorney general move as promptly to file a lawsuit anded ask the federal judge to file a law as he has with the immigration law. we would certainlyh expect that he would. >> technically, correct me if i'm wrong, the state cannot collect tax revenue based on marijuana, but the individual cities and counties, i believe it has been ruled, can collect money, tax money from the sale of marijuana. some say it could raise up to a billion dollarsment you know how bad financial state the atof californi wa is. >> prop 19 would purport to allow cities and
8:19 am
municipalities and counties to tax mae rijuana. the act is called the actga to legali and tax marijuana, but the premise is false and the reason is, first of all, it's not allowed now. that's what this proposition is all about. >> right. >> so the voters californiahe, i'm concerned they'll enact it because thing that tax esrevees would be raised by cities and counties in calirnia that are cash ste rapp. i mean, we are in a fiscal crisis her and we have thes, bugetary holes, but the reality is, the premise is it's false. you know, the proponents of prop 19 know that no taxes are going to be raised from prop 19 if enacted and know that-- >> and makes it a federal felony. we're out of time, but appreciate you joining us. it's an interesting debate and we'll keep our eyes on prop 19. >> thank you, sir. >> coming up on the show first time a court awarded a claim in an autism vaccine se. this is a big one here, what it means for cases just like
8:20 am
it across the country next with our medical a-team. >> and go wake up the kids, dr. kaboom is here with three awesome scientist experiments like a homemade rocket. jennifer hudson here before weight watchers, my world was can't. can't eat this. can't do that. can't lose weight. but on weight watchers, i can. weigh less than i did in high school. can. stand here not suckin' in ahing. sure can.
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8:23 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." a couple of quick headlines for you, five americans under arrest in zimbabwe for handing out aids medicine without a license. two doctors, two nurses and an organizer are expected in courte tomorrow. the giant ice island is now two islands. it was roughly four times the size of manhattan before smashing into another island. the largest chunk, 60 square
8:24 am
miles. get yourself some property there, alisyn. >> all right, this is at landmark decision that we can talk about this morning. it's the first ever court award in a vaccine autism claim. the family of nine-year-old hanna polling will receive 1.9 million dollars just in the if i remembers year alone after the decision that the vaccine for meles, mumps, et cetera, aggravated an unknown disorr that she had,hich did not cause her autism. the court found, but resulted in it. our medical a-team, dr. manny alvarez is here to explain tt. i think this is ground-breaking for parents of kids with autistic kids because finally a court said, yes, there is a connection between this vaccine and autism. >> this trial has been going on for several years now and this is a very unfortunate cause because this little girl did receive a single sitting,
8:25 am
multiple, multiple types ofes, vaccines, measles, rubell mumps, you name it and developed severe autistic c.havior and she was severely autistic. the caveat. she had an underlying disease and again goes too the to the fundamentals of autism for a lot of parents, they don't know when it really comes on. was it right from the beginning. you know, my son was-- you know, has autism and i began to get spicious at age two. prior to that when he was a year ol you know, he acted like a normal baby. so, you know, this is important. i think that this is going to bring out a i lot of interest because perhaps is going to create scenarios where now, we
8:26 am
have to test children a little bit more careful before we start, you know, sort of giving them so many vaccines or exposing them to some types of diet, but, you know, it's interesting. the funny thing is that nobody is saying that the vaccines really created autism. so they really are not-- >> they use this fishy legal language and resulted in it, whatever the thing-- >> that's exactly right. many, many cases have been dismissed by the way, by parents who have sued the pharmaceutical industry and gotten noere. >> we'll see whatappens now, if this sets a precedent. let's talk about a study in the british medical journal that says there's lots more ming diagnosis than we know. the first diagnosis could be wrong. >> doctors make mistake, go figure, go figure. look, this points out to an interesting thing. when people go to the doctor for a medical problem seems
8:27 am
they're loong for immediate answers. >> a lot have migraines, appendicitis versus a viral stomach condition, you name it. many things that doctors, cut feeling they go ahead and make the diagnosis osfourse the diagnosis is wrong and ultimately if there's no follow up, the patients can get hurt. so, the message here is that you have to realize that if you're not getting the answers that you want from yourci physician, seek a second opinion. we always say that and always,rs sort of have the conversation about the expectationsf the results that you, that you think are appropriate. in other words,f your doctor's treating you for something and you should start feeling better. if that doesn't happen go back to the doctor because sometimes you have to amend the agnosis. >> sure, and y know your body better than anybody else, doctor. >> let's talk about what you're doing on the channel. y have an important special.rf >> we have a wonderful special, winni the war on cancer is going to air at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. i did it with dr. kumar, my re buddy and we're basically
8:28 am
looking athat has happened over the lt 40 years, you know, president nixon was the first one that kind of started a war on cancer. a lot of things have evolved. i know for patients that have family members with cancer. i know sometimes the answer is oh, my god, no, we haven't i gotten anywhere, in reality a lot of positive changes and you'll see what they are. >> 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. today. dr. manny, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> secretary of state hillary clinton heads to the middle east this week in the next round of peace talks. will the palestinian and israeli leaders live up to their promises? and the kids are back in chool, but their science homewo doesn't need to be a news fest. dr. kaboom is he, well, to blow things up. he's going to show us cool experints you and the kids ca do at home.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> welcome back everybody. let's get right to your headlines at this hour,ta secretary of state hillary clinton heads to the middle east this week, she's there to continue to push peace talks that began last week in washington. clinton says the talks may c be the last chance for peace between israelis andpa palestinians and will be meeting with benjamin netanyahu and palestinian ident abbas who are at odds over new housing construction in the west bank. a taliban commander killed in afghanistan this morning. n.a.t.o. says the leader and
8:33 am
four other insurgents were planning to attack pollingio stations during next week's parliamentary elections and the taliban warned the afghan people not to participate in the voting. a deadly double-decker bus accidents may have been caused by a wrong turn and the driver maybe taken t wrong exit and the mega bus slapped into the bottom o f a railroad bridge killing four pass injuries. the driver and four other passers are still in the hospital this morning. les this ad to the po tuesday, the last primary day before the mid term elections and the g.o.p. contest in delaware, recent rasmussen polls has mike castle ahead of tea party favorite christine nel o'donnell, but she gained of sarah palin and n.r.a. even though castle has more experien and more trole for michael richards, a man who played of course the cosmo
8:34 am
cramer on seinfeld. >> you're so crazy. >> am i? or am i so sane you just blew yo mind? >> well, now, richards is in hot wateragain, thiacs time accused of randomly attacking a photographer. brandon o'neill says that richards punched him and kicked him repeatedly while he was down. four years ago you remember, he'll received backliaash from a racial rant he went on. oh, boy. >> cramer. >> and now for>> sports. >> collegefootball, big upsets keep on coming, don't they? number 13 virginia tech losing to james madison at home, mind you. ran for two touchdowns, threw for another one and the final madison coach, mathews calls it the biggest win in school history and this is an scs team formerly division two. to south bend the game of the
8:35 am
game. michigan and notre dame. to rudolph, 95 yard score and it's the michigan quarterback robinson stealing the headlines 502 yards total offense and measured michigan wins a tight one. and let's talk nfl. the 91st season of the nfl officially underway and break it downhat teams to look out or. big daddy of the nfl, richard delgato, president and ceo of coastal advisors insurance, good to see you, big daddy. >> you, too. you were down in new orleans for the big game. saints and vikings, a boring game as you and i were speaking about. beforehand the players walk out and both teams line up and both have the number one up in the air. this is solidarity among the players union. is there a chance we face a strike and have no footbtall this time next year? >> yes, there's that chance. and i think the players are
8:36 am
united and they're behind d morrie smith and the union and gloves are going to come up. there is no dealeyond this season. there is a very likely possibility of no f tball the year after this. all right, some of your teams to look out for this year, much of the talk this pre-season and the last three years has been about brett favre. very little of it has gone to the guy who succeeded you never succeed a legend, a hall-of-fa lmerikef brett favre, but that is happened in aaron rogers in green bay, he's done it incredibly and no one is talking about it >> within the nfl world, they are talking about it. people are exhib xing him to have a good year and they've got a great runningback in brian grant, aaron is playing well and the threat some young studs and interesting to see what they do. >> you like them over bherett favre and the vikings in the division? >> you know what, mr. favre is hard to go against, so, you never know, anybody could beat
8:37 am
anybody on any given sunday. >> boy, i like rogers, i thinvik they win the division. the baltimore ravens, almost t everyone has them as the pular pick to go to the super bowl, if not the colts. why so? why are the ravens the popularno pick? >> know you they've got the three-stud attackthere, they've just got boltton and i forget the third one. >> and bolden as good as they come. >> he's going to make that much of a difference. >> and tj was cut by seattle not what to expect out of him and the san francisco 49ers, this is a sleeper. why should i expect big things of this team? >> obviously, as we discussed earlier, i think that mike singletary, he will will you to win and not that mu, not of an intimidator, but a strong presence in the locker om and now it's his team and everybody has the idea we're going in there and we've got to play hard or face that man when we're off the field. >> right, frank gore and people believing. the final question, who do you have in theuper bowl, two
8:38 am
teams, give me a winner. >> green bay, new england. >> green bay, new england. >> yeah. >> i like it. big daddy from coastal advisors, llc. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> let's get outside to clayton who is in his environment right now. talking science. >> you were in your sports environment and i'm dressed in my smock to talk about a science project. dr. kaboom is here, a science ke science and math and some to stuff. and when you get the name kaboom you get to do things. >> it makes it hard to fly, and that's why we brought you to new york. an air cannon you call a vortex generator and kids at home try out your dvd and try out some of the science >> projects. >> part of my mission to get parents on their feet involved with their kids and science. you have them arod the house, you steal the recycling
8:39 am
container. >> only with the parents permission, help and parent permission for science. we have the hole in the bottom and shower cur ton and when it hits a blows out a lot of air, but we cannot see what'hs happening. so we can make it see what's happening. we'll see the air. >> a fog machine to see what's going on inside of it. >> yeah. >> we b put a littleit of fog and when the air is in the cannon it's high speed and when it hits the hole the air continues to move at high speednd twist itround on itself making what we call the air vortex. >> you get to hit this. >> try to knock the cups down, rend kady, aoom, kaboom, kaboom, yeah >> yeah! >> that's awesome. >> i could do that all day. >> a nd i show you quickly an easy way to put at home without the trash can. it's not that this>> matters. >> a cardboard box. all you need is a cardboard
8:40 am
box, a hole on one side, and garbage bag. >> you'll have parents thrilledecause this is what they'll be doi on sunday morning. >> and over here, a giant test bub. >> and what do you ave here? >>ma hydrogen approximate side, h 202. so put in a little cope. >> yeah. >> what's your favorite color. >> blue. >> what is your favorite color that is green? >> green. >> perfect. we add green food coloring to make it more interesting and here is the catalyst wch causes the reaction to occur. i make the soap at as length. do not jug: on the count of three, pour in, kaboom. >> the whole thing. >> yes, dump it in stay back and the chemical reaction. >> yeah, yeah. >> whoa, whoa! >> all right. all of this, all of this is available on yr dvd.
8:41 am
find out more fox and can you be in the after the show, show. >> i'd like to try more. >> i told you know the to jiggle. >> i'll stay out here the rest of the day. >> dr. kaboom don't let clayton touch anything unsupervised. tnk you for being out there with him. meanwhile, secretary of ste clinton says the drug war in mexico is a lot of like the colombia o narcos of the 1980's. president obama disagrees, which is right? >> jim kelly lost his son to a fatal disease. his marriage suffered, but he and his wife saved their relationship through faith. wrenching, rewarding story coming up next. helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmoom. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ta taste it, love it, or it's free!
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8:44 am
>> after a legendary thl ireer, life for jim kelly and his wife jill looked ideal from the outside. behind closed doors they were
8:45 am
struggling with private pain after their son hunter was diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease. the kellies are showing how their son taught them the true meaning of love with a book, without a wor how a boy's unspoken love changed everything. we're joined by hall-of-famer jim kelly and wife jill. thank you for being here. this is an amazing books, my wife caught me crying numerous times throughout the read, but all for good reasons. this is a tough journey as you face some news that no parent should ever have to face both of you. you were told 14 months kids live with this disease and he live a few more months. how difficult was that to face this as a parent? >> well, we were devastated when we were given that news, the news you dread, that you fear in every way as a parent and when we're given tha news, jim and i dealt with this very differently. men and women usually do, but you know, by the grace of god
8:46 am
we certainly, everything ev changed eventually, but for the first year and a half of hunter's life we were treating him like he was dying because that's what we were told and amazingly he lived to be eight and a half. so at that, you know, that marker in the road when we started to treat him like he whole life our c hanged. >> jill mentioned, jim, you both took it differently. you withdrew a little bit and poured yourself into work. >> a little bit. >> a lot. and while your whole life revolved around hunterer's care. >> here was a son born on my birthday, valentine's day and i dreamt what all daddies dreamen, pying football and baseball and all the things that fathers do. and i found out he was diagnosed after four months. we never knew what was wrong of it. at four months of age they aret telling us your son is never going to see his second birthday. i didn't wan to talk to anybody, i was mad at god, i was totally opposite of jill,
8:47 am
she ran to god, i ran away from god. >> people throw words at you as a football player, courage, hero, how are those words ed redefined with hunter's battle. >> he was the toughest boy i've met, a nd even in my hall of fame speech i said that he was suffering every day of his life and daddy was playing football and did t things i was did and raised in a fy of sixav boys and never having to show my emotions and that's probably at times brought jill and i further apart because when you are so bent on trying to make a difference in somebody's life and hunter suffer the way he did, i've never met a kid that would, you know, struggled so much and kept pulling through, the toughness. >> and there are a lot of th different stories in this, but jill, what do you want people to take away, from me, i took away you've got to appreciate everything, appreciate your wife, every moment.
8:48 am
>> no matter what your circumstance is, that there is hope, and that god is good, that's it. >> i want people to understand that marriages aren't great all the time, but if you work at it and you don't ever, ever give up, i mean, for me, i love my wife more today than the day we got married. i saw what an illness in the family can do and struggling can do. one i think i had to humble w myself to my wrongdoings to jill and to my 15-year-old daughter and i'm a lot bteetr m yesterday. >> and no question you're better for the eight and a half years you spe with hunter. >> no question about it. >> and visit hunter hope, more on the disease and how you can he. jill and jim, thank you for being here, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> what an incredible book it is. new jersey governor chris christy stands his ground when a teacher confronts him about the budget cuts. ow, his approval rating is up. should other lawmakers follow
8:49 am
his tough talk lead? also, she beat up bad guys on v and then she beat cancer, actress jaclyn smith is here live, the former angel here to share her battle. [ female announcer ] multigrain ps. ♪ ♪ hey, now, now, we're going down, down ♪ ♪ and we'll ride e bus there ♪ pay the bus fare ♪ or we find a new reason [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ hey, now, now ♪ we're going down, down, and we ride the bus there ♪
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8:52 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." well, it's no secret the violence caused by mexican drug cartels is on the rise. f and secretary of state clinton calling the cartels an insurgency. >> and these drug cartelsre now showing more and more indices of insurw,nogey, you know, all of a sudden car bombs show up, which weren't there before. so it's becoming, it's looking more and more like colombia looked 20 years ago.
8:53 am
but president obama says he doesn't agree and doesn't think you can compare mexico to colombia. joining us now i the host of war sties and fox news contributor colonel oliver north. colonel, great to see you this morning. who is right, secretary of state clinton or president obama? >> well, i hate to get in the middle of a circular gun fights. to looks to m based on the trips, in colombia, in fact the trim i'm on in tucson, it looks to me like mrs. clinton isex right. because mexico is very close to becoming the near-failed state that colombia was back in the 1990's. ob 1993 that escobar was finally taken out of the picture. you then had president uribe stand up andight back for the very first time at a very singular drug problem controll by the farc and you didn't have as many cartels
8:54 am
operating as you have in mexico. in many ways mexico's problem is greater, bigger population, ms migrations out of mexico. one could say that the iv condition in mexico given the proximity of the border is worse for us. >> you touched on a question i was about to ask and maybe answer it more fully now, which is americans waking up this morn ing, colonel, thinking to themselves how does this affect us here in the united states if this mass migr atn is part of it. are there other huge elements that affect americans this morning? >> yeah, what haens, clayton, it's important dcause the colombians decided to make mexicans the delivery organization for their cocaine. mexico has long had a delivery operation for things like marijuana and hashish comin into this country and they've taken that network basically seven major cartels, tens of thousands of heavily armed
8:55 am
people who operate across our borders. thus, phoenix becomes the kidnapping capitalf the world and we've had more kidnappings in phoenix than we've had in kabul. that's a direct indication of what's happening in mexico. >> so, since the 1980's and th early 1990's when this was so acute in colombia has colombia done things to turn ld it around that mexico could do now? >> yes, andt needs to be done quickly. we've got a major operation down there, cooperating with the d.e.a. and the u.s. military to train organitions like the colombian national police. you have u.s. military d and nel on the groun d.e.a. specially trained in jungle units who operate in partnership, they mentor one another andoday the colombian natiol police is one of the effective anti-insurgency operations in the world and trainers in afghanistan a few days so colombia has come a long way thanks to the cooperation of the d.e.a., u.s. military and
8:56 am
the colombian government. we're not seein that happe today in mexico. >> always brilliant insight into this problem south of our border, colonel oliver north "fox & see you on friends." >> all right, coming up the president and vice-president actually praising president bush? have they really stopped playing the blame bush game or is this just a temporary change of tune? well, karl rove is here to explain what he thought when he heard that phrase, at the top of the hour. >> today is the second ever 9-12 rally. former house majority leader dick armey comments on the protests against high taxes and big government. th's next. captioned by closed captioning servicesinc.
8:57 am
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stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >> good morning, everyone. it's sunday, september 12th. we start with a fox news alert for you because ira is having another change of heart. they say they're now willing to free one of the three american hikers imprisoned for more than a year now but this comes at a price. we'll explain in the live report in moments. >> and new jersey governor chris christie stands hisround when a teacher confronts him about cutting teacher benefits. >> now, listen, maybe those promises were appropriate to make decades ago. they're unaffordable now. >> should other lawmakers follow his tough talk lead? >> and the president admitting our ecomy is far from fixed.
9:01 am
>> it's understandable thatop people are saying what have you done? >> what have you done? could they be heldg accountable? coming november, accepting the consequences for the economy.ka weigh in on the democrats' new plan. our slogan this hour comes from chaz in maryland. you don't have to be a scholar. you don't have to be a sleuth to see that "fox & friends" is number one with ali, clayton, dave and rick. >> hi, i'm jennie mccarthy and you're watching "fox & friends." >> jennie mccarthy this morning? >> really i working overtime i the morning. >> really the fifth member of the "fox & friends" this morning. thanks so much for dialing us up on this sunday morning. that's dave briggs, alisyn camerota, clayton morris, rick will update you on some of the weather in a moment. >> karl rove will be out momentarily. first, we start with the headlines. fox news alert for you. iran is set to release one of the three detained american hikers.
9:02 am
syria's release comes at a price. julie kirtz i in washington with details. what does iran want in exchange? >> $500,000 and a representative of sarah shourd's family tells me they are watching very closely news and developments out of iran today and are hopeful she will be released. given the o on again, off again news of her release this weekend, the family is very cautious as you might expect. state-run tv in iran this morning is reporting that iran will let her go butt will cost, as i said, half a million dollars in bail omoney. the government of iran had said earlier she would be released on saturday. sarah shourd'sranian attorney said he met with shourd today and he's hopeful she will leave the prison in the nt two or three days. no word from the government of iran of exactly when she'll be let out. prosecutors in iran h eld a news conference today. they said authorities will release her on bail becausef her health problems.
9:03 am
shourd's attorney tells the associated press, the swiss embassy in tehran is making arrangements for the $500,000 bail payment. swiss em bass represents interests in iran. her attorney says he met today with the two other american hikers and they're ok as well. and the three were arrested more than a year ago accused of spying when they crossed into iran from iraq. their families say it was all an innocent mistake. today, iranian prosecutors say the case against all three is nely complete. and the charges have not beenre dropped so we're still waing to hear about her release and when that might be happening and when that bail will be posted. back to you. >> all right, julie kirtz, thanks so much for that update. hikers in iran are not the only ones being held in a foreign country. five americans are under arrest in zimbabwe this morning. they are charged with giving out ds medicine without a license. a zimbabwe doctor was also arrested. they're expected in court
9:04 am
tomorrow. they began to allen temple baptist church in oak annkllaoa california and they have been helping there for 10 years. more amateur video for the gas explosion in san bruno, california. official death toll stands at seven with several people still missing at this hour. as for the investigation, crews are focusing on a pipe. >> for the most part, when there's a large pipeline in a residential area that usually means the pipeline was built before the resident -- before the area was densely populated residential. it was built when the area was still not so heavily populated and it has become since heavily populated and that certainly increases in our estimation the ne tedo look at that issue of whether there should be automatic shut-off valves. >> preliminary estimates put the dama from the blast at more than a billion dollars. financial regulators from arnold the worrld including fed chairmn
9:05 am
ben bernanke are meeting in switzerland, there to finalize a deal that will require banks to hold more capital in reserve than theyo nosw. any agreement is ratified by any national governments signed on. toda is september 12th. 9/12 rallies for lower taxes and less government will be taking place all over the stcountry. one of the biggest marches is the taxpayer march in washington where they will march to the capitol. dick arme former majority leader and chairman of freedom works joined us earlier with a preview. >> only one power on this t ear big enough to destroy this country and that is the united states federal government. it's time to trim it down. make it efficient andve effecti and a its necessary task it out of business that it's not suposed to be into. >> other speakers include congressman mike pence, other tea party s.activists. rallies taking place in st.
9:06 am
louis, missouri and sack ra meant o -- sacramento, california. >> everybody will be talking about the tropics, this system not developed here. it could develop. it could be one kind of storm in theve ncaribbean. very heavy rain in towards this area that will be very problematic. any time we see rain there after the earthquake that we saw. bigger story for us right now, immediately is igor. this is hurricane igor and looking very healthy on satellite imagery, the track of his continues to pull off to the west and then take a right-handn. turn. bermuin bermuda, you should be watching this aout five to seven days from now. eastern part of the country you'll be absolutely fine. for this point, no big concerns for the eastern u.s. temperatures this morning, very comfortable to the northern tier of the country. summer is really hanging on towards the south, though, temperatures still very much like summer. it's hot and humid. we'll see a few more rain showers into texas today and then really the only other rain maker ishis front moving across the eastern seaboard. will make it feel like fall in across the northeast and parts of new england. back to you.
9:07 am
>> thanks so much. that's why karl rove came to the city, he wanted to experience some of the fall weather. >> exactly. good to be here with dave, ali and after the last episode, mr. wizard. >> that's right. me and mr. kaboom outside. we can blow some stuff up, if you want. >> we're lucky the studio is still standing. >> you're lucky the studio is still standing any day that clayton is on the set. >> yesterday, we know you were in shanksville, pennsylvania, for the 9/11 anniversary. the president spoke about anniversary and it's also a contentious, touchy issue when you speak and what to address, what not to address, it did strike folks as interesting that he brought up our right to worship. here's what he said. >> we champion the rights of every american including the right to worship as one chooses. service members and civilians from many faiths do just steps from here. at the very spot where the terrorists struck this building. >> a message many can age on.
9:08 am
was this an appropriate time and place. >> no, ok, i'm not going tote -- that's appropriate. that's fine. if he -- i think what's inappropriate was the unnamed administration spokesperson saying anyone who opposed the building of the mosque at the world trade center site was aiding the enemy which i tught was over t top. whoever that unnamed person is should shut up. >> since we don't know the name, they're running scared and keeping quiet. democrats thinking about it, i loveo get inside your mind from a strategycr perspective. democrats rolling out, they have two months. they know health care is po unpular and they know a lot of president's policies unpopular in policies. so the democrats' plans i seems is come out to attack soon-to-be house majority leader john boehner. >> think r tepublicans have no plans for the economy? it's not true. john boehner opposes funding for government jobs, jobs for teachers, for cops, for
9:09 am
firefighters, boehner has a different plan. tax cuts for habusinesses. those that ship jobs and profits overseas, saving multinational corporations $10 billion to china, india and mexico, boehner has a message. you're welcome. democratic national committee is responsible t for the content o this. >> is that an effective strategy going after john boehner? >> no, it's not. who knows who john boehner is? we know who barack obama is. we know who harry reid is. we know who nancy pelosi is. nobody knows who john boehner is, with all due respect. if you do this, clinton did it, if you want to demonize your opponent, you got to do it. clinton did it in 1995 and 1996 and spent tens of millions of dollars in advertising and months upon months creating an image of first newt gingrich and bob dole that was helpful to him politically. the president jumping in at the last minute doesn't team to be
9:10 am
smart strategy. >> d.n.c. sayshat you're talking about which is nancy pelosi has been up for grabs. the republicans say they'll take a page from that playbook and make boehner the boogieman. > why has nancy pelosi's ratings fallen? it's because of what she's done with the authority. let them do this i'll put up a dollar for every $1,000 or $10,000 they spend on ads like this. >> in part, i think the obama administration is doing this because they don't have what clayton talked about, they don't have the ecoomic message, health care message to run on. here's what the president said on friday in regard to his handling of the economy and how it may play out in november. >> for all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. and that means the people are frustrated and that means people are angry. and since i'm the president, and democrats have controlled the house and the senate, it's understandable tha, t people ar saying, you know, what have you
9:11 am
done? >> no, no. he's misreading the question. they know what he's done. that's the problem. they don't like the stimulus. they don't like the growing deficits. they don't like the broken promises onjo jobs. they don't like obama care. it's not that he's ignorant of what he's done. he knows exactly what they've done. >> if you're advising the president right now and the democrats. if for some -- if hell froze over and you were there to advise democrats. >> that will be a very cold day. >> ask rick what the likelihood is. sly, you have to go in there and they say, you know, help us out here. what do we do? only message right now is to run against what we it over the past eight years. is that effective? >> no, it's eynot. they're stuck playing th hand they've got. the hand is don't worry these things will eventualy. you'll like them eventually. you know, thgs would be a lot worsef we didn't do these things. i understand that people are angry.
9:12 am
they don't know enough about what we've done and as soon as we get the right messaging out there, they'll be convinced that these things were right. forget it. now you have to work. >> we need you to touch on president obama and vice president biden changed their tune a little bit on psident bush this week and botoph kind gave props to president bush and said they admired him. i think that president obama said what i admire most about president bush was how he dealt with the aftermath of 9/11. that was -- must have been music to your ears. >> yes, but look, itas for their own purposes. biden isn front of an audience of military at a comedy news show. and he knows how much thede military loves president bush so he was playing to his audience. president obama was attempting to draw president bush in on his side on the issue of the mosque. president bush has not spoken on the mosque and i t d't believe will speak on the mosque but the president bush clearly in the afterma of 9/11 felt it very important to remind the american people that this was not america vs. islam.
9:13 am
against america terrorists who pervert a great religion in the vain of their fanatical goals. >> thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> governor chris christie talking tgh when a teacher confronts him during a budget meeting. >> if what you wt to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, i have nosw interest in answering your question. >> doesn't he look like the tough science teacher you had in high school? >> did taking on the teachers union win him any points? that's next. >> another landmark ruling by the courts saying it's ok for people to track your every move with gps, police i should say. does it matter if you committed a crime or not? one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
9:14 am
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9:16 am
>> after an ongoing battle with teachers unions in the state o new jersey, governor christie was confronted by a teacher during his town hall meeting this week. >> first of all, i have not
9:17 am
lambbasted the public school system inhe ste of new jersey. let's start with this, i sat here -- stood here and very respectfully listened to you. if wha you want to do is put on a show is giggle every time i talk, well, then i have no terest in answering your question. >> wow. what had governor christie so fired up? let's ask "wall street journal" columnist john fund who joins us this morning. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> let's talk about two things. one ist a substance of what he was saying but others the style and i think what he just hit on right there, that plain, tough talk to that constituent, that teacher who as karl rove points out was at a town hall at 11:00 a.m. on a monday which is a little odd to him. did the stjueork for you? just pointing out a teacher and calling her on her bluff? >> well, i'm a resident of new jersey, and i have to tellyou, after the last three or four gornors have basically hidden the state's financial troubles, they've raided the pension funds for the state employees, they've
9:18 am
used all the budgthet gimmicks the world to try to avoid accountable, this is refreshing. and that ishy governor christie has a 57% approval rating in new jersey which the state that went overwhelmingly for barack oba. obama's approval rating is about 49d% and the approval ratings of the democratic senators in new jersey are in the 40's. so he is doing very well with this kind of approach. >> clearly, it is working for him and he was just proposing some very tough cuts. obviously it's a tough decision to make. he asked the techers of new jersey to give up essentially 1.5% of their salaries. would go towards their health care plan. a one year pay freeze for teachers, he did not want to make these massive cuts. he just asked the teachers union to come to him and meet him half way and make some small sacrices. they refused to do it. is this an example for gvernors across the country, for example, around schwarzenegger who has a massive budget crisis in caliia? >> well, he'sti bsically adopting the same approach. look, the days of wine and roses are over.
9:19 am
you cannot tax the productive citizens of a state enough to pay for these kind of crushing obligations in the future. we simply gave away far too much. and the public employees sically have job security. very few people, very few teachers have actually been laid off in new jersey or elsewhere. prive sector workers, we've shed millions of jobs in the last 18 months so in addition, we used to is an. bargain. the public employees had job security but they didn't get quite the kind of salary that private employees did. now, they not only have far more jobs security than private employees but their benefits and pay packages are bigger than the average private sector salary. the public servants are in ernger of becoming the public masters. >> question now is will other governors across the country follow governor christie's lead? only time will tell. john fund from "the wall strt journal", thank you for being here. coming up, police use gps to track someone without a warrant. were his privacy rights
9:20 am
violated? would it make a difference if we told you this person was a registered sex offender? that man's lawyer is here next. afghan war with the super -- war veteran, rather, with a super human memory. he's even memorized cards while snorkling. he's here live to show us his amazing talent.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> become back here to "fox & friends." quick headlines for you. california governor arnold schwarzenegger visiting shanghai, china this morning there to pt in california's bid to host the 2020 expo in silicon valley. andnew video from greece this morni were protesters clashed with police, excuse me, before she prime minister's speech. several rounds of tear gas were fired. protesters are upset about government accutbacks.
9:24 am
alisyn? >> police in virginia arrested a convicted sex offender, david folts during anh attempte assault because they had been tracking him using a gps device they had placed on his vehicle. the thing is the cops did not get a warrant to use the tracking device. and in question is whether or not his fourth amendment rights were violated. his attorney took it to virginia's court of appeals and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morni. thanks for having me. courtsounds as though the sided with the police on this and this may even be a precedent-setting case in virginia,hey basally determined that putting a gps device on asuspect's car does not violate their privacy or anything against search and seizure. but you don't like it, why not? >> wel here's the thing, i will say first of all, i like to win all my case so i'm disappointed in the respect of not prevailing at the court of appeals.
9:25 am
but i really like the opinion and here's why. it's very balanced and it does not endorse the government's position that the police should be able to track anyone, blanket tracking with no warrant for extensive periods of time. what it does say that in our case because our client was only tracked for six days and for other specifics, that this case did not rise to the level of needing a warrant. we will go to the virginia supreme court and try to do better but iwas a well reasoned opinion that did understand that, in fact, tracking of this nature can be intrusive and can and will eventually present fourth amendment problems. >> it's interesting they said they're going to take it to the virginia supreme court because you like the ruling on its merits but also the cops in this case caught your client red handed. he was actually trying to attack another woman assaulting her and dragging her off. when they found him as a result of using the gps.
9:26 am
so i think that many people listening would say thank goodness for gps! >> i think you're right. and that many people say that when they hear the facts of in case. it is a unique case in that respect but i think it's important to remember this, cases where people are convicted of serious crimes and mount an appeal on the serious legal issue are the way that the rights get defined for all of us. here's a specific example of that for gps. we did a studyvi throughout virginia to all 300 departments or so to find out how much gps tracing go on by police and found out that, in fact, it wasn't thousands of thousands people being tracked but multiple dozens per year and yet, this was the only case, the first case that's been brought to court to litigate. what that tells you is most of those people, if not all, nev even knew they were being tracked. so certainly, those people cannot litigate the issue to try to protect the right. many times our rights get defined by courts on serious
9:27 am
criminal cases. and -- >> sure. >> point on that. >> obviously, i understand your point which is not all of us want police sticking a gps system on to our car but the judge addressed that concern. i'll read to you what the judge in this case said. the fact that police used technology to follow the van's movements on public streets did not somehow invade your client's privacy interests because the gps did not act as a substitute for unconstitutional police action meaning police can actually follow up n a public street. gps or not they don't need a warrant to do that. >> i agree with that. here's what i wld sayo the future of this issue is headed. a police officer walking down the street behind seone i quite different than tracking someone for an extensive period of time, storing the data and holding it for whatever use may be needed and the d.c. federal
9:28 am
circuit court of appeals h a great opinion that we agree with that talks about, yes, the police can follow you on the street to get snap shot of your life. >> right. >> but the gps tracking can take the whole fabric of. your life. >> yes. >> well, you make -- >> it's just more intrusive. >> you make a great point. christopher, thanks so much for coming on with an update on this case and let us know what happens at the supreme court level. >> thank you for having me. a new survey breaks down how college students spend their day. for all that money, you parents are paying you might be surprised at how much time your kids spend actually hitting the books. and demi moore is among a growing number of actresses over 40 years old showing off their bikinibod. are they empowered or time for them to put on a t-shirt over that?
9:29 am
activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm, works for me. new activia dessert. ♪ activia
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9:32 am
>> thank you.we're just talkin off camera. >> that's jacyln smith that we're going to talk about her in a minute. headnes for you. >> we do. hillary clinton heads to the middle easthis wek. she's there to continue to push peace talks that began last week in washington. the talks may be the last chance for peace betwe israelis and palestinians. she'll be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin
9:33 am
netanyahu and palestinian presidentbbas who still are at odds over new housing construction in the west bank. tough minded arizona sheriff had the white house? well, he ha s been raising his political profile of late. today, h's speaking at a republican lunch in new hashire. you heard me mt. new hampshire which, of course, raises white house speculation since it's the first state that holds presidential primaries. he's made campaign stops for candidates that share his views on immigration and crime and punishment in places like kansas and today, democratic senat tom harkin will hold his san you'll steak fry. thousands of iowans gather the small town of indianola. axelrod along withe plouffe are expected to attend. college kids will spend as much time on leisure and sports as they do on their education according to a bureau of labor statistics. on average, students snd
9:34 am
around 3 1/2 hours either working on their studies,, wo a about the same amount of time on fun stff. study shows tt college students get 8 1/2 hours of sleep per night. well, what do you want for $50,000 a year, parents? >> that's what happens in high school, they underslept, right? they get six hours of sleep and they go off to college, they go for 10 hours. >> they're catching up. >> maintains that equation still years after college. i'm a total sleeper now. hey, come here, come closer. come closer. co closer! come closer! what's your name? >> sophia. >> all that for that. good job, sophia, thanks. take a look at the weather maps, guys, we have temperatures waking up. cool across areas ofew england. summerlike across the south. take a look at the satellite radar picture. few showers and thunderstorms across texas again today so ar feas that saw all the floodi a few more showers once again.
9:35 am
but the heaviest of the rain is as you move a ltle farther in towards the east coast, that's where we'll see showers continuing across areas of the northeast feeling like a nice ll day that a lot of people will enjoy. move forward and take a look at the high temperatures for the day. 90's in atlanta and humid as well. talk about the tropics. three disturbanceses, one across the caribbean and one in the central part of your screen. that's igor. new system pulling across africa that will likely become j the 11:00 advisory or at least a tropical depression. we'll be watching igor thi week and we'll be sparedn the eastern seabrd. bermuda will be watching this closely in five to seven days send it back to you inside. >> get in here. one of your favorite people on the planet is here on the couch. she is former charlie's angel, jacyln smith and joins us on the curvy couch this morning. >> you do look exact the same.
9:36 am
you just celebrated your 25th birthday, right? >> yeah, 25 years with kmart. isn't that unbelievable? i mean, that's rare. who goes that kind of yodistanc? >> you look incredible. thanks so much for being here. we have a whole host of subjects to get to. one thing we want to ask you about is this trend in hollywood right now, terri hatcher, "desperate housewives" star yesterday, i think she's 45 showed some interesting pictures on her facebook page. very busty bikini. she showed herself in. i believe we ve the pictures. i hope. >> see it. >> but there's other women. demi moore did this on her twitter page with some bikini pi. she, i think, is 47. lisa rianna followed suit with very bust pictures and that's terri hatcher right thereho. that is an interesting shot so i mentioned -- there's the lisa pictures on twitder and demi moore was before th. these three womenll over the age of 45. is this, you know, a pathetic cry for attention or is it just kind of empowering for women?
9:37 am
>> i think if you've got it, flaunt it. i think it's great. they loo amazing and i think it says that age is a ste of health and well being and the fountain of youth is inside. >> you know, it's funny because i read at some of the blogs e saying. blogs can be slightly cruel. heroic of women who have is it personal chefs, personal trainers and have admitted to plastic surgery that they still look good in their 40's. what about regular 40-year-olds, 47-year-old women? >> well, i think -- i think, you know, all the stuff about chefs and working out, you know, these women are under theublic eye. they're under stress. there's some element of stress that goes with that. so i think they're working hard. they're looking good. and they are looking good. >> think, you know, women need to take caref themselves. >> are you going to p your pictures out there like on twitter and facebook? >> dave is staring at them. >> kmart outfit? >> we love it.
9:38 am
>> only $14.99, $19.99. you can buy your girlfriend, your wife, whatever. >> perfect! >> the price is right. >> shouldn't need tgo with the bini look. many fashion trends. fashion week in new york city right now. dave and i are planning. we have our whole week planned us already. a lot of us look to fashion week to find out ways we can take what's on the runway and try to incorporate it into their lives. what sort of tips do we have this year that people can incorpeeate into their lives sf>> i think it needs to be wearable and comfortable. i know that's my line, interchangeable classics that make your moneyo further certainly with the economy today, you have to be a smart shopper and we have a 25th year anniversary collection where a dollar from each item sold goes to breast cancer research. >> ilso like that you said make sure the clothes fit that's very important. if you get them taken in a little bit. if you get them in a little bit, they look like designer clothes. >> you just said it. you're very smart. >> you're a fashion
9:39 am
maven. that's true and with my line, when you're -- it's very economical. you can afford to make it your own and make it fit. some women,ar you know, are not your size and if they are your size, they do need to take things in and shorten it and make it the ir own. >> and you can accessorize as you have with the necklace. a portion of all your clothes, the purchase of your clothes is going to breast cancer research specifically? >> yes, breast cance research foundation. >> very personal topic,fo battl for you. one you fought. what is your message? you want to get out there awareness but what is the message to women across the country? >> self-examination, do your mammogram every year, not the information that was out last year, every two years. if i had waited another year, my prognosis could have been different. i think just being erfemale, getting older, puts you at greater sk. soeople think being -- they think if it's in the family, buc 98% of the cases are women without a family history. >> all right. >> yes.
9:40 am
>> very important to -- >> and it's great toknow that the proceeds, as dave just mentioned fro the jacyln smith line will go to cancer. the stand up to cancerrc messag. >> rearch is the future. it's our only chance to eradicate disease. >> do w hav reason to be hopeful today in terms of how long you've been involved with breast cancer awareness? have things changed? >> absolutely. genetic testing, stem cells, everything is very advanced today. the mammography machin,estr the treatments swe've made a lot of strides. we're going forward. i think we're -- we will eradicate the disease very soon. >> great stand up to cancer program on friday night. last year, i don't think they had the numbers in yet but last year, they raised $100 million towards cancer research. >> wow. i'm married to a doctor and believe me, i know the importance of research and putting the money where it counts. >> we've heard some dark days especially for women dealing with breast cancer and they think they can't beat it orhey
9:41 am
don't know where to turn but you're a case of. having hope. having hope in your life. what do you say to those women who are facing this struggle ght now? >> i think educate yourself. there's so much out there. mean, early detection is the key. i'm eight years out. i think once you go through something as traumatic as cancer, imean, i used to -- i couldn't say the word. you fl stronger, you feel courageous. your priorities become very straight. it's a gift. life is a gift. health is a gift. and we need to appreciate it and takeoo car of yourselves. >> that's a good message. >> isn't it? >> thanks for that reminder. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you look great. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> you look great for 25 years old. > >> thanks so much. >> coming up on the show, home grown terror is on the rise. and a new report says the feds have been slo to recognize that threat. is the white house ignoring a
9:42 am
dangerous problem? we'll examine that next. >> can you memorize a deck of cards while under water? ofou clyalrse, who can't? actually none of us. except this war veteran with a super human memory and here t show us, he has an amazing talent and share with us how we'll be able to remember lots of things. >> good, where did i put my kids? jennifer hudson here
9:43 am
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>> welcome back tofox & friends." leaders of the commission that investigated e 9/11 attacks warning us now about another terror threat, the threat from foley owe americans. feds have been slow to recognize home grown terror and are stumbling blindly to respond to it. a tear rachl analyst joins us live to discuss it. nice t see you, welcome to the show. >> great to be here. >> i have a q tstion for you, did you have the department of homeland security which is in charge of well, as far as i understand it, protecting the homeland of the united states. we're hearing reports that home grow terrorism according to this new report is one of the
9:46 am
biggest problems facing our government. why are we blindly stumbling into this? >> well, look, clayton, i think number one, if you can't name theenemy, you're not going to be able to win. this is islamic terrorism. this is not violent extremism. this is not manmade disasters that janet napolitano once said, this is a radical strain of islam that we are at war with and you have to be honest about the enemy. i think that's the first thing. i think number 2, the internet, the web is such a fertile ground now for jihady radicalization, there's only so much you can do about the internet, obviously. but look, you can reach out and touch a jihadist in yemen, in somali from some place in rural america thanks to the web. >> you bring up a great point and i guess i think about this. we have these incredible special forces soldiers. we have all the men and women in military in afghanistan. hunting these guys down in caves and we can find them and isolate them wit drone attacks. here in the united states in our backyards, though, according to
9:47 am
this report, we can't identify these guys. where do we look? >> we tll, look, i think numbe one, you have to take a look aty the ideology of these young american muslims. you have to take a lk atom who they're communicating with, number one. we had-- we've had several cases, i've investigated a lot ofn these home grown jihad case over the years, claton and in the past year or two, i can tell you, one recurring theme is the guy by the name of anwar al-lakhi, he's an al-qaida based in yemen. there is a link back to this guy, every case i've investigated. where is he so attractive? he's a fluent english speaker and born and raised here in america. he knows our culture. he knows our ways and that makes him kind of a gateway to radicalism, to al-qaida for young englis-speaking western muslims. you had the fort hood shooter, you had the underwear bomber. several young jihadies here who have been arrested in the past few months have been in contact with this guy.
9:48 am
so if you see in their inbox, an e-mail you might to be a bit concerned. >> is that a silver lining, though, eric? we know where this guy is, we know the internet communication. we've seen these people listening to, watching his h speeches, watching his sermons, if you will. is this a silver lining, we can track him? we can find out who is watching him? >> look, absolutely. i almean, there are several cel, several radicalized individuals being tracked in the u.s. right now. and you're right, that is silver lining in that if you're communicating with anwar, you're probably not a moderate kind of guy so that is a silver lir nin. i think another thing to look for and this report that a you talked about in the lead-in, clayton, is the hatred of israel andhe hatred of the u.s. military. that's another theme in every case i look at. there's a hatred of israel, there's a hatred of the jewish people and a hatred of the u.s. military with oftentimes u.s. military bases right here on american soil as the target or jewish targets, gosynagogues, these are twother huge themes
9:49 am
that we have to be aware of. >> yeah, we've seen attacks there, of course. so it's not out -- it's not unknown. >> absolutely. >> hopefully this report has awakened some folks in washington this week. this great to see you morning. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends." >> you, too. thank you. >> coming up on the show, america's two year reigning memory champ. ronniwhite is here to show off his skill and share ways to improve our memory. nice to see you this morning, ronnie. but before we go to break, we're going to have -- we're going t recite to you a 20 digit number right now befe we go to commercial break and we come back, you're going to read it back straight from frontwards and backwards. ok, ronnie, are you ready?> >> let's go. >> two at a time. 52, 0, 4. >> 52, 0, 4. ok. >> 62, 16:ok. >> 35, 51.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> all right. our next guest is incredible. he has both brains and brawn. he's an afgan war veteran who served with the navy. he's also a two time national memory champ and as part of his training, heve en memorizes decks of cards while snorkling underwater. > >> joining us now is the memory man himself, ronniewhite. before the break, if you remember, we started reading to ronnie a 20 digit number thateve never heard, never seen before. now he's going to repeat it from mory frontwards and backwards, we're told. the number will be on your t screen to follow along to see if he got it right. ronnie, go ahead. try to recite this 20 digit number that you did not write down. >> ok. i believe tt number should be 52046216355120791624. i
9:54 am
backwards it would be 42619702155361264025. o>> wow. >> how did you do that? you didn't write it down. you're not looking at anything. and you say that you're not a math genius. you're not a math whiz. you n teach all of us to too this. what is the secret? >> well, i can teach anybody to do it. turbo at i call my learning system and the key to it. there's two ingredients. anybody can do this if they master two ingredients. first one is to remember anything, your brain will remember anything if you store it in a locatio and store it in a place and the second thing is your brain will remember anything if you turn it into a picture. if you create a picture. so this is what i just did. i was mentally walking throug my house. i opened the front door, and i walkedhrough 10 pieces of furniture. and as i walked past these 10
9:55 am
pieces offurniture, i saw pictures ach piece of furniture. imagine this, if you walked in your front door and you saw a bird hit your tv, you saw your lamp explode from a bomb and you saw a cat running across your couch, your friend would come over later and you'd be like, you'll never believe what happened. a cat was running across my couch and you'd be telling all the stories. same conce here. i'm just seeing picture on pieces of furniture. >> so ronnie, there's hope for a guy like dave briggs who literally, i mean, he loses his phone like every day. >> every day! >> his wallet, doesn't know where he is. doesn't know where his car keys are half the time. >> how do you assign a picture to make him not lose his car keys? >> start this simply. >> right, starts simply. whenever you go -- walk in the door and you set your car keys down somewhere, pretend like your car keys are a bomb and have them explode in the desk or the tv, wherever you set it. your mine remembers if it's a crazy picture. that's what i teach at >> i love you say, too, there's hope for a lot of us that may
9:56 am
have terrible memory. my mom jokes, my memory is slipping. you say you weren't a genius when you were a kid. so -- >> high school dropout. >> yeah. far from a genius. i got kicked out of college with a 0.9 gpa. i taught a little girl how to memorize presidents walking around her house. i said what does nixon sound like? that sounds like mix in. that piece of furniture was the microwave. when we got to ford, she imagined aford pickup truck crashing through the trash can. she was able to say the presidents forwards and backwards. >> incredible. >> we don't know how you do it. >> super humans, thanks so much for sharing your secrets with us. it's good stuff. >> thanks, ronnie. >> thank you. go to thank you. >> more in two minutes. [ lis] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years.
9:57 am
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[ male anun to your doctor about chantix. find out how you can save money on your prescription d learn terms and conditions at >> welcome back to "fox & friends." thanks so much for joining us
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